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Basics about ladders

Since 2005, our company has been in the ladder market manufacturing products from high-quality raw materials, such as high strength aluminum and steel profiles. We guarantee the best workmanship and our designs are always well-arranged and modern. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that ALUMET ladders are equal in performance to the best manufacturers in the world. All our customers are satisfied with the ladders they purchase, and the factory gets a lot of positive feedback from many countries of the world.

The range of ALUMET products includes various types of ladders from straight/extension ladders, step ladders, hinged ladders to platform ladders and scaffold towers, both for domestic and industrial use. The process of ladder production at ALUMET factory is automated, which allows for better quality, precision and reliability. All our ladder equipment complies with the safety requirements, which is confirmed by our Product Conformity Certificates. The most important safety measures are summarized on the ladders’ product labels in the form of international pictograms.

Thanks to its large product range, good quality and reasonable pricing, ALUMET LLC occupies a key position in the Russian market and enjoys popularity abroad.