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All ALUMET products are manufactured in accordance with technical specifications and have conformity certificates. All models that have a PCT mark in this catalog have successfully passed all tests and are regularly checked by independent laboratories in full compliance with international standards.
Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001: 2015 EN
Conformity Certificate - aluminum ladders
Supplement to the Conformity Certificate for aluminum ladders
Conformity Certificate - aluminum and steel step ladders
Supplement to the Conformity Certificate for step ladders
Conformity Certificate - scaffold towers
Conformity Certificate - aluminum step ladders of series: APE
Aluminum ladders of series: HS1, HS2, SR2, H1, H2, P1, P2, T2.
Step ladders of series: AD, AM, MD, ZM, ZZ, MK, ML, M; ladders of series: HS3, H3, P3, SM, TL, SR3, T4; scaffold towers of series: BT, Techno